The new Rolex watch in 2015,which one you love?

50b1cbafcd5a74cf58ae0c00e0d96a4bThe coming of the summer, indicating that the first half season of the 2015 has been here since for a long time. In this period, along with the 2015 Basel world watches and clocks jewelry exhibition and the Geneva watch show, several major brands of replica swiss watches have been eager to launch a variety of new watch brands. Let us take a look at these brands watch following!

Rolex oyster professional watch series 116655

The gold Replica Rolex Yachtmaster II type has the very high-profile, because this is the watch that Rolex first makes by the rubber belt, match the name Oysterflex rubber strap by Rolex R & D and patented, which is rugged and reliable. It is also has a very good waterproof performance and you will feel flexible and comfortable when you wear up. In terms of the color, this style watch is also called a bright eye. The 18ct rose gold watch case material rotating ring is a new black Cerachrom. What’s more, the pottery word circle, polished bright digital stereo and strip scale in color word ring is particularly distinctive. This design make the wearer can easily read.Of course, the rugged durability is also very good. Disk on the luminous dial in dark conditions can lastingly emit blue light. 18ct Gold Rose pointer and dial bezel reveal a luxury. The watch priced at 23800 Swiss francs ($14 million), the price of the watch is reasonable. But personally, I hope that this section steel introduced, the price of the watch will be cheaper than the last.

For this Rolex oyster professional watch series 116655 watch, it can be the most unique one among all the Yacht-Master watches because of its rose gold design and the rubber strap which is rarely seen in the Rolex watches, so if you are hunting for a special Rolex replica watch with the awesome design, this Rolex 116655 watch can surely be your ideal choice with the lowest price of about five hundred dollars online.